it is being used for post processing flight mission results.

TEOBOX - is a software designed for:
- accounting for the displacement of the antenna due to the tilt of the copter during flight;
- assigning unique names to photo files;
- assigning  the exact coordinates of the photos centers from .csv or .txt files;
- checks whether the number of all pictures taken coincides with the number of timemarks;
- filtering photos by the distance between photos and by the angle of the camera.

Software is designed specifically for DJI Phantom 4 quadrocopters with TEOKIT GNSS PPK module on board, but it can be used to post process data from any copters other manufacturers. You only need to indicate the actual offset of the antenna relative to the camera of your quadrocopter.


1 -  add a new block;
2 - indicating the prefix of the photo files names;
3 - option to save processed photo files in subdirectories;
4 - selection of the project location folder;
5 - rate of free and required hard disk space;
6 - adding and deleting photo files;
7 - time marks file selection;
8 - settings regarding the importing time marks file structure, coordinates columns and rows;
9 - distinguishing type of column separator;
10 - view the flight path;
11 - close the block;
12 - start processing photos.


1 - selection of filtering photo files conditions
2 - settings for displaying the flight trajectory, selected images, images added to quarantine;
3 - window displaying the trajectory.


1 - defalut settings regarding the importing time marks file structure, order of coordinates columns, rows type of column separator (Delimeter);
2 - settings of the output file;
3 - selection of the interface language and enabling recording of software logs in to a  file
4 - selection of coordinate system type and orientation;
5 - antenna offset parameters relative to the camera lens;
6 -pictogram showing the location of the antenna and camera on a quadrocopter. (on the example of DJI Phantom)


Click “+ Add photos”, select photo files for this particular block, then add a .csv or .txt file with the coordinates of the photos.
After adding the first block, you must specify the correct file structure, column numbering and which row is to be used first.
IMPORTANT!!! The number of photo files should completely correspond to the number of coordinate records for all blocks. Otherwise, processing is not possible.
IMPORTANT!!! Photo files must be added in chronological order and correspond to the coordinate order.
If necessary, add the second and subsequent blocks. The order of the columns will be the same as the first block, but you can change this if necessary.
Click “Fly view” to go to the flight display window and filter images.
The “by GimbalPitchDegree” filter with the “-90” parameter highlights the pictures taken in perspective.
Filter “by distance (m)” - pictures are selected so that the distance between their adjacent centers is not greater than indicated.
Note: filtering takes place in straight lines. Pivot points are not highlighted.
After filter settings - close the window.
Right-click on any selected photo and you can select the desired action:
- delete photos and timestamps;
- add to quarantine (recommended).
When adding photos to the Quarantine, the corresponding lines will be crossed out, and during processing they will be placed in a separate folder “QUARANTINE”.
Next, click the "Processing" button.
During processing, TEOBOX will do:
- Comparing photos with coordinates (exact centers);
- taking into account the displacement of the antenna relative to the copter’s camera, reading the value of the tilt angle of the copter from EXIF ​​of the corresponding picture;
- copy photo files to a new folder, assigning them new unique names, consisting of: Prefix, block number and photo files numbers ( TEO_1_000001.jpg)
At the end of processing, a folder with photo files and a file of adjusted coordinates of the centers of photographs will automatically open.


After processing the photos, add them to the photogrammetric software.

The new coordinates of the images centers are registered in EXIF of photos files, and are imported automatically when importing them into the processing program.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify type a coordinate system in EXIF, and after importing the pictures do not display correctly
You need to go into the project settings and manually specify your coordinate system, after which the coordinates of the photos will be displayed correctly.
During processing, the accuracy of the coordinates of the images must be specified as 0.02 m.


[ English subtitles ]
Video showing the main stages of data processing with a Teodrone UAV

1)  PPK processing. using https://teleg.run/teoboxbot
2) Teobox software workflow - comparison of coordinates and images +   copter tilt correction (shift of coordinates from the phase center of the antenna to the center of camera during tilt in copter flight).
3) loading data into Agisoft Metashape, starting processing and monitoring the accuracy obtained.
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